Driving in Fog

You must take great care when driving in fog, as it drifts rapidly, which means that conditions can change dramatically within just a few seconds. To minimise the risks, follows these guidelines:

  • Drive slowly.
  • Make sure that you are visible to others by using your dipped headlights.
  • If visibility is seriously reduced (less than 100 m), use your fog lights. However, you must turn them off as soon as conditions improve, as they can mask your brake lights and dazzle the drivers following you, increasing the risk of a rear-end collision rather than reducing it.
  • Make sure that you leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front. It can be tempting to hang on the tail-lights of another vehicle; however, this can give you a false sense of security, and can lead to you getting too close to that vehicle.
  • If the fog appears to be clearing, don't assume that it has completely gone and so increase your speed. Fog can frequently be patchy, and you could suddenly find yourself back in thick fog.