Servicing & Repairs

All car manufacturers recommend routine services at various intervals. These intervals can vary depending on type of vehicle and engine, and full details of the service requirements are usually detailed in the owner's manual. It is essential to stick to your car's servicing schedule and ensure that the servicing book is stamped.

In the past, new car owners were obliged to return their car to a franchised dealer for servicing in order to comply with the requirements of the manufacturer's warranty. However, car manufacturers are no longer allowed to include such restrictive servicing clauses in their new car warranties, and owners are now free to shop around.

Even if you do choose to use a franchised dealer, costs can vary between different dealers, so it's worth shopping around to find the best price, rather than simply returning to the one where you bought your car.

If you do choose to use an independent garage, make sure that the parts and fluids used are genuine manufacturer products and ask for part serial numbers and receipts to prove it. You should also ensure that the garage is VAT-registered.

However, if you to need to repair your car or carry out any warranty work, you must have this carried out by a franchised dealer in order to keep your warranty intact.

You can keep you car in good condition between services by carrying out regular basic maintenance, such as checking the air filter, keeping the oil topped up and inspecting the cooling system. You can find out more about these simple jobs in the car maintenance guide.