Company Cars

A company car is a vehicle provided by an employer, available for the private use of an employee or a member of their household. Vehicles may also include those provided under a leasing arrangement, but exclude motorbikes, invalid carriages, and vans or other commercial vehicles.

If your company provides you with a company car, you will need to pay tax on this benefit, including any 'free' fuel that might be provided for your own personal mileage. In this section, we take a look at the amount of tax you will have to pay, and investigate whether opting out of a company car scheme may be more financially beneficial.

Company Car Tax
A look at how much tax you will need to pay for your company car ...
'Free' Fuel
Finding out just how much 'free' fuel will cost you ...
Opting Out
Would it make better financial sense for you to swap your company car benefit for a higher salary?