The Drivers Record

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has produced a document to help you to learn in a structured way, so that you and your driving instructor can keep a record of your progress whilst you're learning to drive. This document is known as the Driver's Record, and it should be sent to you with your provisional driving licence. It is also available from your instructor or your local driving test centre.

The Driver's Record is a pocket-sized leaflet that you should take with you to all your driving lessons. It has a list of 24 key skills covered in the practical driving test, along with space for your instructor to make a note of your progress. There are 5 levels of achievement for each key skill, which you must work through and complete before you are ready to take your practical test. The levels are:

  • Level 1: the skill is introduced
  • Level 2: the skill can be carried out under full instruction
  • Level 3: the skill can be carried out correctly when prompted
  • Level 4: the skill seldom needs to be prompted
  • Level 5: you can carry the skill out consistently without any prompting

Your instructor will initial and date each level as you achieve it, and then add in full details when you reach level 5. This makes it easy to see at a glance which skills you need to work on and improve.

It often helps to practice these skills between your lessons with an experienced accompanying driver over the age of 21. Try to practice under as many varying conditions as you can; for example:

  • in all sorts of traffic
  • in all types of weather conditions, even in the dark
  • on as many types of road as you can, including dual carriageways where the national speed limit applies

Make a note of the practice you have had between lessons in different conditions and on different types of road. You should also record any worries you may have about your driving and then discuss these with your instructor.

When you have a complete set of signatures in the level five boxes, your instructor can sign a declaration to say that you can drive safely without prompting, either from your instructor or the person helping you to practise. At this point, you should be ready to take your practical test.