Tiptronic is a trademarked automatic gearbox with manual override owned by Porsche, who licenses it for use by others such as Audi, Nissan and Volkswagen.

The Tiptronic system enables the driver to select a wholly automatic mode, or to choose to override the automatic mode. This is done by moving the shift lever into a second shift gate equipped with two spring-loaded positions: Upshift and Downshift. On some cars, these operations can also be commanded by pushbuttons or rocker switches installed on the steering wheel.

Although the system allows the driver a certain degree of control, most Tiptronic implementations will still make some shifts automatically, primarily to protect the engine and transmission.

Other manufacturers use Tiptronic-like systems under different names. For example:

  • BMW: Steptronic
  • Citroen: Sensodrive
  • Honda: S-matic
  • Hyundai: Shiftronic, H-Matic
  • Jaguar: Bosch Mechatronic
  • Lexus: E-Shift
  • Mazda: Sport AT
  • Mercedes-Benz: TouchShift
  • Peugeot: 2Tronic
  • Saab : Sentronic
  • Volvo: Geartronic