Choosing a Breakdown Cover Policy

Choosing a Policy Type

Policies are usually divided into two categories: person and vehicle. Person cover means that you personally are covered as the driver or passenger of any car (a useful option if you drive a number of vehicles) whilst vehicle cover means that a particular car is covered for breakdown, no matter who is driving it (useful for the family car).

You are often given the option to extend this coverage; for example, if you select person coverage you may extend this to joint membership (yourself and another named person living at your home address), family membership (you, and up to 3 other named persons living at your home address) or vehicle membership (anyone who drives the vehicle). These extended options will obviously increase the policy premium.

Choosing a Cover Level

Once you have decided the type of cover you require, you will then need to select the level. This may range from the most basic entry level plans that simply include roadside assistance if you breakdown away from home, along with a tow to the nearest garage, to the most comprehensive plans, which will provide transport home for you, your car and your passengers, or if necessary, a replacement hire car and overnight accommodation expenses.

It is often also possible to add European cover to your policy, which can provide peace of mind whilst you're driving abroad.

It's important to work out which of the options offered are important to you, so you can build a breakdown package tailored to your needs.