How to Advertise Your Car

How to Advertise Your Car

If you've decided to sell your car privately, then your advert is the only chance you've got to generate interest in your car. With all the other cars that buyers have to choose from, a poorly worded or vague ad will simply be a waste of space. What you do need to include are:

Type of Car

Give the exact make, model and specification of the car, including the engine, trim and bodystyle. For example, don't just say "Audi A3", put "Audi A3 2.0 TDi Sport, five-door sportback diesel automatic".


Include the year and registration letter, such as 2000/W-reg or 2006/55-plate.


State the exact mileage; don't just say high or low.


Avoid using the manufacturer's colour name as this will mean little to many buyers. Say whether it's light, mid or dark, then say what the basic hue is, along with whether it's metallic or pearlescent. For example, "dark metallic grey" is a much more helpful description than "Atlantic Storm".

What to Leave Out

Avoid using the following clichés; they're meaningless and simply waste the buyer's time:

* Lovely driver
* Beautiful condition
* First to see will buy
* One lady owner
* Good condition for year
* No time wasters

Tax and MOT

State exactly how much tax and MOT is remaining on the car - be precise about when it runs out.

Service History

Only include the service history if you have a proper recorded history. If it's complete, put "full service history" or "FSH" and mention if the work has been carried out by a main dealer.

Previous Owners

State how many previous owners the car has had, unless there are a high number for the age of the car.


This is where you can really sell your car - mention key features such as alloy wheels, air conditioning, central locking, sat-nav and electric windows. This is your opportunity to set your car apart from the others.


Make sure you put a price - don't just say "open to offers". You can find out more about how to set a realistic price here.


If possible, include a colour photograph - this will make your advert stand out and give you a better response. If you're advertising online, you may be able to attach a number of photos; add as many as you're allowed to show the interior and exterior condition of the car.